24 Days of Christmas: Day 6

Let's talk gift wrapping. It seems that I have married into a family that is all about gift bags. I am all about using wrapping paper. I don't think there's really quite anything like ripping into a gift.

Growing up wrapping gifts was always a bit of a production. My stepfather would do the measuring and cutting of the paper. My mother would do the wrapping. They did not generally have ribbon, but the usually had a bow.

I like to wrap. I like ribbons and bows. I like tags with people's names on them, not stickers. I like to put time into wrapping gifts. I'm not a great wrapper. You'd never think that my gifts were professionally wrapped but you can tell that I took time to try to make them special.

When I was a kid my gifts from Santa were wrapped...but I think that probably stems from coming from a large family in which it would have been practically impossible to hide unwrapped Santa gifts.

Are you a wrapper? Or do you use bags? Do you (or rather the elves) wrap Santa's gifts?