24 Days of Christmas:Day 4

Day 4 is about cookies. You know how is it, everyone makes, knows someone who makes, buys or eats Christmas cookies. I am not a cookie person. (I'm not much of a dessert person in general.) But for some reason I have an overwhelming urge at Christmas to bake. Of course it's never for some I'd want to eat, like bread. It's always something sweet and frequently involves dipping things in chocolate even though I don't really like chocolate. (I'll get to that another day.)

C is for Cookie C is for Cookie

A few years ago Denise shared her Mint Sugar Cookies recipe with me (scroll down and the recipe in the comments). I fell in love with this cookies. I've been been known to eat more than one at a time - as in three or four. That's practically unheard of for me. They are light, not too sweet and well, refreshing. I know, it's not a word you hear often when you are talking about cookies.

I only make these cookies at Christmas time, and I tend to make them early in the season before I get too busy and distracted by other things. I think these are going to go quickly so may end up making a second batch. Maybe next time I'll do all stars.