24 Days of Christmas: Day 23

It's the day before the day before Christmas. We've got everything bought, almost everything wrapped and we don't really need to leave the house between now and Christmas except for work and church. The meal is planned.

It's list time.

There will be a list of what needs to be done before Christmas Eve because my in-laws are coming over Christmas Eve. This will include things like "Hang mirror" (we just about a mirror for above our fireplace), clean, put new batteries in the Wii controllers (we're going to introduce them to Wii bowling). The cleaning list will contain things like scoop kitty litter, vacuum, and find someplace to but the half dozen magazines you haven't read yet.

"Find the tablecloth" and "Iron the tablecloth" and then "Figure out how to put the too large tablecloth on the table without people stepping on it."

"Figure out where we're going to put appetizers as the space we used last year now has the cat's dishes." (Where were the cat's dishes before? Where one of the Billy bookcases is now, of course.)

"Dig the roasting pan out of the bedroom closet," and "Ditto the serving platters." (What? Doesn't everyone store their extra kitchen stuff in their closet?)

"Move boots and coats out of the entry to make room for everyone else's."

In short, it will be the usual people are coming over chaos with the added we're cooking a big meal chaos thrown it.

It'll all work out. It will all be lovely. Right after I write five lists and lose them each about three times.