24 Days of Christmas: Day 22

I think we are almost ready for Christmas. We're ready for the day (just one gift left to wrap) and we have almost everything we need for Christmas dinner. We host dinner for a variety of reasons - we have the biggest dining space for one. The others involve me wanting my stuffing* and preferring to spend most of Christmas Day in my jammies. (Ok, fine. I prefer to spend most of every day in my jammies.)

This is what our Christmas feast will look like. Before dinner we'll have a snacks:

  • cheeses - brie, Wensleydale cheese with cranberries, havarti and cheddar. I'd go a bit more out there but Lee doesn't think his family would appreciate my "weird" cheeses. And I'd love to go to Thyme & Again to buy their port Stilton pate but I'm not actually supposed to eat Stilton. It doesn't normally stop me but I don't want to deal with a stomach ache when turkey is coming.

  • A duck/pork pate

  • crackers

  • hot pepper jelly

  • pickles - yes! The gherkin makes an holiday appearance!

  • spiced nuts...if there's any left

Then we'll do dinner:

  • Turkey

  • stuffing

  • more stuffing

  • mashed potatoes

  • mashed sweet potatoes with orange zest and ginger

  • green beans (if I remember to cook them this year, I did not last year)

  • glazed carrots

  • gravy

  • more gravy

  • homemade cranberry sauce

  • rolls

Then after dinner:

  • yet to be determined desserts (a pie and um something)

  • tea

  • coffee

  • chocolate-covered peanut butter balls (if I get around to making them)

Then we'll lie on the floor and moan that we ate too much. Once people can move again Lee and my FIL will do the dishes. Then everyone goes home, loaded up with lots of leftovers. Lee and I will eat leftovers for a week. Fun!

*One of the first time Lee came to visit me (I think it actually was the first time) I made a roast chicken and I made stuffing. As I was making it he was watching over my shoulder. After I had assembled the ingredients and was getting ready to actually stuff the bird he incredulously asked, "That's it?" He later told me that he was convinced that it would be horrible and bland but he was determined to eat it anyway because he wanted to impress me. Now he fights people for it, as it should be with stuffing.