24 Days of Christmas: Day 20

Only four days left after this! Woohoo!

I love Christmas baking. While I could say I've done it for years it's really only been since about 2006. I was working from home and was supposed to have a quiet December. About three days into the month that changes and my quiet month turned into three weeks of barely sleeping. The week before Christmas I was sleeping only a few hours every night. I suddenly had to publish a set of a very cranky manuals (I was tech writing at the time) and this involved lots of hours, little sleep but really it mostly involved babysitting my computer and internet connection. The processes involved in publishing ate up most of my computers juice and I couldn't do much else on it. I needed to do something other than just stare at the screen for two weeks. By the time the week before Christmas rolled around I was going completely nuts. I was antsy. I needed to do SOMETHING. So I baked.

It was a rather silly undertaking as I didn't really have many people to gift the goodies to but I baked anyway. I made Peppermint Patties. That was a bit of a mistake because I hate dipping things in chocolate (more on that another time) and they are particularly finicky. I made biscotti that no one liked. And I made Denise's mint sugar cookies and they quickly became a Christmas tradition.

(Except maybe Christmas 2007. I remember absolutely nothing about that Christmas. I couldn't even tell you if I cooked myself a Christmas dinner that year. It's a big blank in my memory. Oddly enough, that was not the Christmas I spent horrifically hungover.)

Generally speaking what I make any Christmas gets shaken up a bit. Denise's sugar cookies are a Christmas staple but other than that it could be anything. As I mentioned on Sassymonkey Reads this morning, this year I branched out with spiced nuts and Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls.

The funny thing is, I'm not a baker. I much prefer to cook than bake, except for maybe bread (but then my wrists don't like kneading bread). Baking is a bit too precise for me. I'm not good with measurements and exactness. But there is something about Christmas to that requires me to spend at least one afternoon covered in flour.