Weekend Cooking

I thought this would be a good weekend to play along with weekend cooking, hosted by Beth Fish Reads. The explanation from Beth:
Weekend Cooking is open to anyone who has any kind of food-related post to share: Book (novel, nonfiction) reviews, cookbook reviews, movie reviews, recipes, random thoughts, gadgets, fabulous quotations, photographs. If your post is even vaguely foodie, feel free to grab the button and link up anytime over the weekend. Please link to your specific post, not your blog's home page. For more information, see the welcome post.

Some of you know, but I'm a foodie at heart. I was a foodie on the internet long before I was a book blogger. Once upon a time, in another life (or so it feels) I was a CL on a couple of iVillage food boards. If I think too hard about it I'd have to tell it was close to ten years ago which makes me realize how awfully young I was at the time. (Also how long I've known a few people online and wow, that's an interesting thought.) It also reminds me that I've been using the internet for recipes for over a decade so it's not surprising that both recipes I used this weekend came from the internet. I've just switched from message boards to food blogs. I love food blogs. I had one for a very, very brief period of time...as someone likes to remind me because they now complain that I don't blog about food enough.

This was a Christmas baking weekend. This is the thing, I like to bake but I'm not so fond of eating it all. I am mostly lacking a baked goods sweet-tooth. So I bake a lot of things and give them away, especially this time of year. I've been planning to make the Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls pretty much ever since she posted it online. I had to time it well though. It makes a lot and there are certain times of the year you can get away with sending such tempting goodies into the office more than others. This is definitely one of those times. And she is not joking when she says it makes a lot. We have seven pans (SEVEN PANS!) of cinnamon rolls. We've already got them divided up - two for us, two for my office, two for the fake husband's office and we're dropping off one pan to some friends later.

The cinnamon rolls took a long time to make but they really weren't difficult. I will say though, that I used less butter than the Pioneer Woman. I think she'll forgive me. I've met her and she's nice that way. (Plus I complimented her shoes, that can't hurt right?)

I also make spiced nuts. Um, why didn't anyone ever tell me that spiced nuts are the worlds easiest things ever to make? Easy, easy, EASY. I used the recipe for Sugar-and-Spice Candied Nuts from Smitten Kitchen and used all walnuts because I had a bag of walnuts in my freeze that were just begging to be used. I used cayenne, but bumped it up a bit. I was probably in the 1/4 tsp area rather than a pinch. I don't think they are quite spicy enough for us yet. I may need to bump that up a smidge still next time.

I used up every last bit of ground cinnamon in the the house yesterday. Good thing I'm going shopping today. I'm not sure I'll be playing in the kitchen today but if I do it will probably be Chocolate-Covered Peanut Butter Balls. Hmm and looking at that post I'm reminded that it's almost time to make cranberry sauce for Christmas dinner. That will be a Tuesday activity I think...

What did you cook this weekend? Don't forgot to add yourself to Beth's Mr. Linky!