24 Days of Christmas: Day Two

Day two is all about pie. I know, I know you don't think pie is very Christmasy. You are wrong. Yes, wrong.

When I was growing up Christmas was extravagant by our normal standards, but probably not so much by other people's. We each got one "big" gift, a couple of smaller ones from siblings and our stockings.

The extravagance came with dessert. I have six siblings and my mother decided that we each should have the dessert we like best at Christmas. While there were a couple of exceptions (black forest trifle for my eldest brother, maple squares for the youngest) everyone by and large wanted pie. So my mother made lots and lots of pies. Lemon meringue (frequently the meringue was scraped off because the person who liked lemon did not like meringue), strawberry, blueberry, pumpkin minus the pumpkin pie spices (yes, disturbing but it's how my second eldest brother liked it). There was usually an apple pie around too because if you are going to make that many pies there might as well be an apple pie right?

The days leading up to Christmas my mother could be found up to her elbows in pie dough. We had a small house with an even small kitchen. To this day I still can't figure out where the heck my mother stored all those pies.