24 Days of Christmas: Day 19

I love Christmas dinner. I'll write all about what we'll be serving for it as soon as I figure it out, but there's one thing on which I'm absolutely and positively stuck.


You see, I am not a dessert person. I will happy fill myself up on snacks and stuffing and mashed potatoes. After dinner I'll push back from my chair and have a tea or coffee. But dessert? No thanks. I'll pass.

I seem to be in the minority on this. It seems that other people like dessert. And they like it a lot. I have no clue what to serve for dessert this year.

So far we are thinking an apple pie. But not everyone likes apple pie. Actually, I don't think my SIL can eat apple pie (I have a vague recollection of something involving tree fruits being bad for her but they might be ok if they are cooked but I think she still avoids them). I actually like lemon but not everyone likes lemon. I don't like chocolate. I think that you'd be hard pressed to find something that everyone likes.

This means that we are looking at probably at least two desserts. One, I am sure, will be pie. Do we go with apple (which post people like/can eat)? Or pecan, which was popular last year? For the second dessert do we go with cake? Squares? Cookies?

What are you serving for dessert?