24 Days of Christmas: Day 18

It feels like every which way I turn my head today I'm seeing things that don't make me glow with the holiday spirit. Moms are being attacked for being on the internet. Someone stole the sign from Auschwitz. A local food bank was robbed and the Christmas baskets stolen.

It is not feeling like a time of goodwill towards anyway.

But that is what this season is supposed to be about. Peace. Goodwill towards our neighbours and strangers.

I keep reminding myself of this. I hold open the door for the person behind me. I hold the elevator. I smile at someone.

It's the simple things. It's the little things. So give that harried parent the parking space a wee bit closer to the store entrance. Don't ram your way through the grocery store. Hold open the door. Buy someone a cup of coffee. Smile at someone.