24 Days of Christmas: Day 17

Today I'm talking tourtière at BlogHer.
I remember eating two spectacular tourtières when I lived in Montreal. One was at a professor's house. I was taking a seminar in Canadian History and our professor invited the whole class over to his house for dinner and drinks. He and his wife provided a wonderful meal but the only thing I remember from it was the tourtière. It was the best I'd ever eaten and I really wish I had asked for the recipe (though looking back I realize it is quite possible they hate it catered). The other was my ex-boyfriend's mother's homemade tourtière. He was from rural Quebec (though he and his family were anglophones) and his mother used to make him goodies, freeze them and ship them by bus. The bottom of the bus was cold enough that everything stayed frozen (assuming we didn't hesitate in getting to the bus to pick them up and trust me we never did). That really is one tourtière recipe I wish I had because there was nothing like coming home from a long day of classes and studying and popping one of her tourtières in the oven. (And really, her cooking was the best thing about that relationship.)

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