24 Days of Christmas: Day 13?

No, I did not forget day 13. I really didn't. You see, there was a problem. In a nutshell, my webhost, whom I also use to do my domain registry renewals, messed up. Big. More than a month ago I renewed my domain for five years. I know this because I have the bill for it. So imagine my surprise when I woke up yesterday morning in Montreal to find my blog not working and an email that stated my domain had expired and sassymonkey.ca no longer existed on the internet. That it was suspended and I had 30 days to renew it.

If you guessed that my reaction was a lot of swearing you'd be right. Once I got it out of my system I called my hosts toll-free number which basically got me the sales team's voice mail. Fair enough, as they were the ones that I dealt with. I left them a message resolving to call the tech support line (which alas is not toll-free) when I got home. And then I did. Several hours after that the issue was resolved. By the time I found out it was resolved (I was generally avoiding my email/blogs yesterday because it was making me cranky) I was already half asleep. So I'll have to do a double-header today I suppose.

My webhost messed up. But they also fixed the issue relatively quickly and apologized. What more can I ask for, other than that it better not happen again?