24 Days of Christmas: Day 12

Christmas roadtrips. When I was a kid I used to split my Christmases. I spend Christmas morning and afternoon with my family and then spend the evening with my father, often going to dinner at my aunt and uncles. This resulted in two Christmas dinners since we ate early at my house. My father also lived a good 45 minutes away from my mother so there were a few Christmases where the weather made the drive a bit...interesting. We always turned up ok sooner or later though.

Holiday roadtrips still seem to be a regular part of my life. For the last couple of years I've headed down to Toronto to visit friends and drop of gifts. This requires early Christmas shopping...and wrapping. Then usually a few weeks before Christmas we make a trip to Montreal to drop off goodies to friends.

That's what we're doing today. We're on the road heading to Montreal to visit friends, exchange gifts, and watch Les Grands Ballets Canadiens perform the Nutcracker. We'll probably also eat way more food than is good for us. I love Montreal at Christmas time, especially the lights on McGill College. It feels a bit like going home to me, which it really kind of is.