24 Day of Christmas: Day 11

When I was batting around for a Christmas idea for today (24 days of Christmas is a lot of days) my friend suggested tree toppers.

You see, her parents have a star tree topper that she says can only be described as "fugly." Her parents acknowledge that it's not the prettiest of things but keep it they will and on the top of the tree it will go because "It's tradition!"

Growing up I also lived with a fugly star tree topper. It was really quite hideous. When I was in high school it died (it was a natural death, no one murdered it). We replaced it with an angel and we all kind of sighed with relief that the fugly star was extinguished.

When I was searching for a tree topper for my own tree last year we went with an angel. I've yet to see a star I really like...except maybe the Swarovski crystal one. (It's sparkly!) Of course I'd be terrified that it would break, much the same way I'm rather scared that I'll drop the one Swarovski tree ornament we have.

My friend and I both think there should a collection of ugly tree toppers somewhere online. We just haven't found it yet. Did you grow up with an ugly tree topper too?