24 Days of Christmas: Day 10

Gift swaps - either you love them or hate them. I love them as long as they are optional and there's no pressue to attend. Office gift swaps? Not so fond of. Online gift swaps? I love them and occasionally take part in them.

Years ago, in what I refer to as my "iVillage days" or sometimes my "foodie days" I did an ornament exchange with the other host of the blog I worked on. I haven't the first clue what I sent here but this is what I received.

Frosty Frosty

This lovely little snowman ornament that could only be called Frosty.

Bells Bells

And these bells. (Excuse the crappy photography.)

When we put up our first tree last year these were just about the only ornaments I owned. They sparkle when the lights hit them. I packed and moved them more times than I can remember and last year was the first year I got to use them. It makes me happy to look at them because they remind me of something I enjoyed to do.

This year I took part in the Book Blogger Holiday Swap and received goodies from Australia. Every time I use the bookmark and planner and look at the book I'll think that they came from someone around the world, that I barely even know. It's funny how the internet does that.