Kitchen storage

I've complained about the various kitchens I've had. Kitchens in rental apartments are frequently bad. When I was looking for my own place in Toronto I took one look at the apartment I ended up living in and said I'd take it as soon as I saw the kitchen. You see there actually was one. Most of the places I had seen online didn't have a real kitchen. There of of the one cupboard, one shelf and if you were really lucky a drawer and an oven design. So not good for someone like me who cooks 95% of her own meals and owns the cookware to prove it.

There has been one thing in most of the kitchens I've lived in that I never full understood. This:

Kitchen cabinets that stop approximately 1.5-2 feet from the ceiling. It's wasted space and of course it means that we use it to store appliances and other kitchen goodies that we do not use that often but use often enough not to shove into a closet.

Being that this is a kitchen we're talking about these don't only get dusty, they get grimy. And gross. And just generally disgusting.

This morning Lee had to leave early for a meeting and just before he left I remembered I needed the crockpot. He grabbed it for me on his way out the door and then I proceeded to clean the crockpot. In fact, I cleaned the crockpot twice because all the grime didn't come off the first time.

I'm not big on cleaning in general. I hate doing it, though I do like things to be clean. Especially in the kitchen. (The other thing I hate about our kitchen is how the lower cabinets never look clean, even five minutes after I've scrubbed them.) The only thing more annoying than cleaning is having to clean things twice.