The Shadow Of The Wind

shadow of the windA long time ago and when I lived in a land far away Denise sent me a copy of The Shadow Of The Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. I put it on my shelf and then proceeded to be distracted by many shiny objects. You know, the usual.

But I'm trying really hard to read more books on my shelves. You see, I have many books that I've moved many times yet haven't read. I have many books that I really want to read who get neglected because of library books. I'm trying to do better. So I started The Shadow Of The Wind during the 24 Hour Read-A-Thon. And only partly because Denise told me to.

After reading it I completely understand why in blurbs The Shadow of the Wind is frequently mentioned along side the works Gabriel Garcia Marquez. They have a similar cadence. The writing is superb, as is the translation. (There is nothing worse than reading a poorly translated book.)

I was a little late finishing it (November 1) but The Shadow of the Wind was also my selection for the RIP Challenge. It works so well for that challenge. It's dark and dripping with atmosphere. There's murder and mystery. It's the kind of book that you want to read late at night, when it's dark and the wind causes a tree branch to scratch across your window while you sit huddled with a blanket pulled up to your chin.

I do wish I was more familiar with Barcelona. I felt like the way I was picturing it in my head wasn't quite right. It was a bit too modern. I felt like I should have gone online and searched for a couple of period photographs. Well, not really that I should have but that I wanted to. Barcelona is almost a character in the book. I wanted to see it.

I love, love, loved the idea of the Cemetery Of Forgotten Books. I wanted to visit it and find what kind of book I'd leave with. I love how a book picked up by a young boy changed his life and the lives of those around him so dramatically. Well, not in an "I wish them violence" kind of way but in a "wow, look at the power of a book" kind of way. This is absolutely a book for book lovers.

I'm trying to keep things a bit quiet on my library request list so that I can start making a dent in the unread books on my shelves but I'll be adding The Angel's Game to my library request list early in 2010 I think.