The Last Olympian

last olympianI finished Rick Riordan's The Last Olympian, the last book in the Percy Jackson series, a few hours after I finished the The Battle of the Labyrinth. I just got lazy about posting about it. Oops. Also there's part of me which doesn't want to write about because then that will mean that I've really finished the series and well, BOO to that.

But The Last Olympian really is the end. Everyone pulls together to play their part - even if it's not the part they thought they were going to play in the battle or prophecy.

One of the things that I liked about this series is how the relationships developed between the characters. Nothing felt too rushed or too slow. I think that can be hard when you are just seeing a couple of months each year.

I think the series ended well. There's plenty of closure, but just enough wiggle room that Riordan could revisit this world and do more with it if he decides to do so in the future. (Though if he does I don't think it will be through Percy, I suspect it would be a different demi-god, a different prophecy.)

A few weeks ago I saw a preview for The Lightning Thief movie which had two impacts - 1. I kept poking Lee during it because I want to see (possibly even on opening night, though most likely a morning showing on opening weekend because we are cheap and hate crowds), and 2. it's a reminder that I really need to buy the boxed set of these books before they come out with the movie tie-in editions.