What you read and save

I'm looking for recipes for a project that I'm working on. I've gone through my blog, I picked a few things out of my head and then I delved into my Google Reader. I save a lot of things by starring them but I rarely go through them (oops).

I save weird and wonderful things. Going through the recipes that I've saved I can see that I like simple food. Apparently I don't like recipes that use fresh herbs (oh right, it's that winter and no direct sunlight, and I'm generally too cheap to buy them thing...). I go in for simple and hearty in the winter but and simple and crisp in the summer. But flavourful.

The book posts I save are issues I want to blog about though rarely get around to and even if I do I forgot to go back and unstar the posts. There are books I want to read but I don't want to more than skim what other people are saying about them in case they accidentally include spoilers. There are books that I mean to add to my request list but don't want to overload it because I'll get a gazillion books at once.

There are random internet comics from Savage Chicken or the Mows. Things that aren't really funny to anyone else out of context but still make me snort.

There are sewing projects that I save for the day when I learn how to sew. There are knitting projects for the day that I decide to knit something other than plain socks.

There are posts that link to other blogs that I want to check out but don't have time at the moment.

There are posts that I just like. Ones that say something that strikes a cord with me.

There are posts about body image.

There are posts about blogging.

There are posts that I save to send to other people because they will find them interesting.

There are posts from friends that I've saved and when I find them I have to laugh because they are usually posts about something they don't normally blog about.

The posts that I save actually are quite representative of my life. A little bit weird and wacky. Short on politics. A fair amount of social media/networkign stuff.  Lots of food and books.