A book bloggy meet up

When I started this little book blog I was living in Toronto. I had awful roommates and practically lived in the middle of nowhere. Or at least it felt like it. There was nothing close by except a convenience store and the one thing that saved my sanity - there was a library across the street.  I got a card and would lock myself in my bedroom with my cat and hide from the roommates. I could literally go days without seeing them. It was really kind of impressive.

I was having a conversation with a friend about a book and I couldn't figure out if I had read such and such a book and if I had read it when I read it. I decided I needed to keep track of my reading. I could do a journal, but that seemed very solitary to me as I like to talk about books. So I started a blog. This blog. It's moved from blogger to wordpress.com to self hosted and has changed URLs three times (the current one is here to stay, I swear).

Along the way I met great people online. Toronto had a thriving book community so of course it has a thriving book blogging community. We just never really met each other in person. After I made up my mind to leave Toronto I decided that I had to at least meet some people before I left. A month before I moved away I met up with a bunch of local bloggers. It was fantastic.

I go to Toronto about twice a year now that I live in Ottawa. It's not too long of a drive so it's easy enough to do (especially if you don't attempt it in the middle of the winter when storms tend to put a damper on plans). This past weekend I had breakfast with Kate, Patricia, and Deanna. (Melanie unfortunately couldn't make it.)

We sat and ate yummy food at Le Pain Quotidien and talked about everything from airline travel to the Google books settlement and million things in between. ((I really wish I had thought to stop and buy a bottle of praline spread. Yum!)  And I scored big when Kate gave me a copy of Heavens To Betsy/Betsy in Spite of Herself.  Thanks again Kate!

My favourite thing about blogging is the wonderful people I've met because of it. I cannot tell you how fantastic it was to sit and have a discussion that was all about books and publishing and rights and all things literary. I don't get to do that nearly enough.