2009 Holiday Reading Challenge

Holiday Reading Challenge

I'm feeling Christmasy. I know, I'm setting myself up to be blasted by certain types who don't believe that anything Christmasy should be mentioned before Thankgiving, or perhaps even December 1. I know. I used to be one of you. But I have more than enough less than stellar Christmases to make up for (including the one where I was spectacularly hungover...but that's a tale for another day...and another blog).

One of my secret indulgences, even when I was having less than happy Christmases, were sappy Christmas novels and especially sappy Christmas romances. I know, not all Christmas novels are sappy. But I really, really liked the ones that were. It was like they tipped the balance in a better direction for me. Even now when I don't need that balance tipping I unabashedly enjoy them. (I even once read a Nascar Harlequin Christmas collection...it was all kinds of awesome. lol)

So when I posted on Twitter that I was looking for a holiday reading challenge I was thrilled when Beth Fish Reads gave me a link to Bookwormygirl's 2009 Holiday Reading Challenge. The rules are simple enough, read 1-5 (or more if it pleases you) holiday themed books. It doesn't have to be Christmas. It can be Hannukah or Kwanzaa or even (American) Thanksgiving. (Hmm I don't think I've ever read a book about Kwanzaa - can anyone recommend one?) Just write your post and sign up with Mr. Linky. (What did we do before Mr. Linky? Wait...does that make me old?)

My list won't be firm because I hate firm lists. With a passion. But here's what I'm thinking off the top of my head because I haven't had time to go digging yet.

  • Holidays On Ice by David Sedaris - I won a copy last year but didn't manage to get it read.

  • The Worst Noel by Marian Keyes, Mike Albo and Stanley Bing et al. - Denise didn't like it though, so I may not finish it even when I start it..

  • The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore - a reread but Christmas isn't Christmas without zombies. Right?

  • A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens - it's tradition!

  • You Better Not Cry by Austen Burroughs - it's on my library reserve list but there's a pretty strong likelihood that I will not get it by Christmas.

  • Wishin' and Hopin' by Wally Lamb - even though I said I didn't think I wanted to read more Lamb but it's Christmas. However I'm also skeptical that I'll make it to the top of the request list by Christmas.

  • A Quilter's Holiday by Jennifer Chiaverini - I've read other books in the series (though not all of them and I don't think I want to read all of them). I also am not confident that this will make it in time for Christmas. (That seems to be a theme here...)

Does anyone have any favourite Christmas books and/or stories they'd recommend?