Black Is For Beginnings

black is for beginningsWhen I added Laruie Faria Stolarz's Black is For Beginnings to my request list I had no idea it was part of, and the newest book in, the Blue Is For Nightmares series. I hate when that happens! I had picked it as I was browsing through the new arrivals section of the library catalogue. However it's the first in the series that's told as a graphic novel and you pretty much find out what's happened in the other books.

Stacey has psychic dreams. So does Jacob. In addition to being a couple they've also saved each other's lives. But after Jacob had an accident in which he almost drowned he no longer remembers Stacey.

Stacey is dealing with this and trying to figure out why she's dreaming of Maura again. Things generally don't bode well when she dreams of Maura. And then she starts dreaming of Jacob as well. Meanwhile Jacob is regaining more of his memory every day.

A lot of times with graphic novels I feel like they don't quite feel like a full story. They often feel unfinished to me, especially when they are part of a series. This one clocked in at 168 pages, which is longer than I thought it was reading it. It felt like a complete story. Short, yes but complete. I like that.

I may go back someday and read the other books in the series. I liked Stacey's friends. They were very amusing.

(Kit-Cat I think you'd like this series...)