The Story Behing the Status

I was reading posts at BlogHer and found this post - The Stories Behind the Statuses.

I used to blog a lot more. It would be easy to blame Twitter, it's easier to share links and quick thoughts during the day in 140 characters than to blog about it. It takes me all of five second to write a Twitter update. A blog post takes longer. Not always a lot longer but yes, longer. That's the easy excuse. Twitter and BlogHer's Chatter feature are quick and it's makes it easy to be lazy.

But the truth is, for better or for worse, a larger part of the reason is that people know who I am now. Before I was relatively anonymous. Sure, some people knew who I was but to the masses I was unknown. Now I've met a lot more people. Friends who didn't know about this blog now do. People I work with (and for) know I blog. Heck, I think my father-in-law has found this blog (or maybe just my BlogHer one...I'm not really sure). I started censoring. I stopped writing silly little stories about my life. I stopped writing about things in the news and world. I pretty much just stopped writing.

Of course there were other changes too. I moved again. I moved in with a guy. I eloped with said guy (patriarchy!). There were new boundaries and limits to consider. At what point is it my story or our story or both? (I don't think he cares one way or the other.)

Somewhere along the line I lost my voice, yet I can still be chatty in 140 characters. Maybe I should start telling some of the stories behind the statuses.