Deweys 24 Hour Readathon Snacks

Since the readathon is looming on Saturday I've been thinking about snacks. Lee is going to be out of town and while I certainly could drive myself to get snacks if I run out I don't want to have to because a. I kind of hate driving and b. I fully plan to spend most of the day in clothes that one should not be seen in while in public. (Yes, jammies.)

We were grocery shopping last night so I picked up some goodies. Things like candy from the bulk store (mmm sour grape gummies) and Halloween candy (mmm Kit-Kats). I have to say that hosting this when there's Halloween candy around? Brilliant.

Then of course was the slightly more spicy option. Yes, I'm talking about jalapeno poppers. I love an excuse to eat jalapeno poppers. Battered spicy gooey goodness they are. And while we were at it we picked up some those feta-stuffed red jalapeno appetizers at Costco (yum!). And we always have stuff to make nachos or quesadillas on hand.

Of course I'm not forgetting healthy options. I have stuff to make a tomato-cucumber salad. And broccoli slaw to make a well, slaw. Yogurt. And a very special bonus - pomegranates were on sale at the grocery store yesterday. Woohoo!

The only question is what to do for dinner. I could just snack all day. Or I could do delivery. Chinese takeout might be good, right? lol

Have you got your snacks all lined up? What are you having? I still have more time to buy!