Calling All Toronto Area Bloggers!

A few years ago, before I moved back to the wilds of downtown Montreal (and you know, then abandoned them for Ottawa) we once had a Toronto Book Bloggers Meet and Greet. Guess what, I'm heading into town in a visit and I'd like to see y'all again as well as anyone who couldn't make it or wasn't blogging last time.

We're in Toronto the last weekend of October, yes just a week away. Somehow I haven't managed to overbook myself on this trip yet. So here's the scoop.

  • Saturday, October 31 (HAPPY HALLOWEEN) works best for us. Right now we have no plans for Saturday. Well, mostly because...

  • We'll probably head to the St. Lawrence Market early-ish Saturday morning (as in before 10am but not insanely early like at 6am or anything). I miss St. Lawrence Market Saturday mornings. I used to go almost every weekend.

  • We would like to fit in at least one IFOA event but we haven't bought tickets to anything yet so highly flexible. The meet-up doesn't have to be IFOA-related at all but if anyone is going or wants to go let me know!

  • Depending on the location and time of day (and what else we end up planning) Lee (aka the Fake Husband for those of you on Twitter) may come with me. He's survived both an evening at a pub before BlogHer Boston and a BlogHer cocktail party, so he's kind of been initiated.

  • Because most of you are local and may want to give out treats to cute-looking children in costumes I'm thinking early afternoon is probably best?

  • We're staying downtown so downtown-ish probably works better for us.

  • I have no clue where to go. Please make suggestions! Someplace where we can sit around, chat without being shushed and maybe has beverages and snackies. And isn't outside because if we planned that I KNOW it would snow.

Leave me your thoughts in the comments please. :)