How NOT to be Popular

I was wary when I started reading Jennifer Ziegler's How NOT to be Popular. I'm not big on popularity, rankings, etc. It's just not me but I do acknowledget that it's often a different story when you are a teenager.

I have a habit of adding books to my library request list without really knowing what they are all about, which means when I sit down to read them I don't really know what to expect. This can be both good and bad. It's bad because sometimes it means I don't acutally end up reading some great books and good because sometimes books really surprise me.

This book surprised me. I liked it!

Maggie's parents are free-spirits. Think flowerchildren grown up with a child of their own. Every few months they move on to a new place. They've lived in everything from apartments, to a treehouse, to a yurt (which totally makes me think of Suzanne...). Now that Maggie's in her teens it just plain sucks. When they were in Portland she has a best friend. And a boyfriend. But her parents had to up and move to Austin so she decides that she's not going to make any friends. She's going to be unpopular so that when they pull up and leave in a few months it won't hurt.

Maggie is a fun character. Unique. Authentic. Messed up. And she meets some fantastic characters as well, who unfortunately don't get as much time as I'd have liked.

Recommended for anyone who wanted to tell off the popular kids in high school (or "Bippies" as they are called in this book).