Knit Two

I probably shouldn't have read Kate Jacobs' Knit Two. I didn't love The Friday Night Knitting Club. I mean, it wasn't bad but I wasn't rushing out to tell everyone about it either. I had listened to it on audio and I wondered if part of the reason I don't recall enjoying it excessively was because of the narrator.

No. It wasn't.

Knit Two, like The Friday Night Knitting Club, isn't a bad book. It's just not a great one. Yes, yes I know many, many, many of you loved the first novel and will love this one. It just doesn't have me jumping for joy.

There's too many "coincidences" that occur so that things can work out just right for people. And to be honest, I'm getting tired of chick-lit books that have to have some big dramatic (and often tragic) event at the end to pull everyone together. Yeah, yeah, climax. I know. While the event itself isn't always predictable the fact that there will be a big event is. I think that's what bugs me. (Sigh, I'm becoming so cynical.)

Knit Two picks up five years after The Friday Night Knitting Club. Walker and Daughter is being run by Peri. Dakota is almost an adult, and still being treated like a 14yo by her father. Anita and Marty are happily still together and considering marriage. Darwin and her husband are expecting twins. Catherine is still picking up the pieces of her life and making bad decisions about men. KC is a lawyer now and *gasp* a smoker.

The thing about this that didn't for me is that there really wasn't a main character. In the first one Georgia fit that role and it seems like Jacobs tried to continue that and it just didn't work. (In all fairness it is hard to accomplish when you kill your main character off in the first one.) Catherine, Dakota and Anita get the most story-time. Darwin fairs ok. KC and Peri totally get shafted story-wise, especially KC. There are just too many people competing for a storyline. And then add in sections told in the point of view of James and Anita's son Nathan and it's just POV and story overload. (Did I miss any POVs? Marty might have had one but I don't think so...)

And knitting? There wasn't so much of it in this one. And that's fine except you know...kind of not.

After 170 pages I seriously thought about giving up. I plowed through it though and well, it's done. But I don't think I'll be picking up more of this series (and I do suspect there will be more).

Before you all think I'm a horrible stick in the mud, I did enjoy Jacobs' Comfort Food.  Which apparently I never blogged about or put on my spreadsheet. Huh! Well I liked it. And I'm making a note to blog about it.

Also, the yarn on the cover of the novel looks totally squishy and I want it.