January 31, 2008

I never did upload the photos from the end of our trip to Paris. Actually, it seems I don't even have them on my computer. I'll add that to my unending list of things to do. We slept in and got up just in time to go out and grab a cup of coffee before having lunch.

A really freaking fantastic lunch at Au Trop Normand. Best lamp chops I've had in my life. It was fantastic food and in case you haven't noticed, we really like food. We sort of looked at each other over our meal and wondered why the heck we had ever left Paris. The food! Lots of locals too, this was not a tourist spot (although it is popular with tourists).

After lunch we made our way to Cimetière du Père Lachaise, where we visited Jim Morrison and Oscar Wild. It was a beautiful, if very large and confusing, cemetery and we didn't have a map. I'd like to go back again with a map. We took some lovely photos which I may upload at some point. It was a cold day, with the feel of rain in the air. The right mood for a cemetery really, but a cold one. Coffee was in order.

Then we wandered back downt to the Champs-Élysées for a bit of shopping. Lee still had to buy something for his mother so we went to Sephora. And we went to Virgin Superstore. The next day we would be regretting this trip, but I'll get to that tomorrow.

At this point we really, really were craving something akin to a homemade meal. I had a hunch of something that would work and Lee generally trusts me on things food related. We wandered over to Le Roi Du Pot-au-feu. It was a charming little spot. Checked tableclothes. House wine on the tables that you pay for according to how much you drink. Also the tables were little pots of mustards and cornichons. And they served, pot-au-feu. We started with the broth as a first course and then moved on to the pot-au-feu proper with the meat, potatoes, cabbage and veggies. It was accompanied by the marrow bone with toast. Mmmmmm. (Lee was not as enamoured with the marrow as I was.) It was simple, honest good. It was the closest to homecooking we got and it was the perfect thing on a cold, rather rainy night.