January 30, 2008

Our last day in Venice and in Italy. We were flying back to Paris that night. We left our bags at the hotel and went out to explore since we had all afternoon.

We went up the Campanile:

And Venice gained a few points with me, which it lost on food quality, since this actually did not involve stairs. There was an elevator! I was one happy person about that. My vertigo generally isn't nearly as bad if there are no stairs. (Stairs are evil.)

Venice from above was pretty darned nice.

From above you can also appreciate just how large Basilica di San Marco is:

We went to Palazzo Ducale di Venezia:

Part of which involved walking across the Bridge of Sighs. This picture is clearly taken from outside. But we also went through the prison that is on the other side. Actually Palazzo Ducale was pretty interesting. I'd recommend it.

There were still lots of people in costume about.

I don't think I've mentioned it but our hotel room in Venice was pretty freaking big. Keep in mind we're talking about European hotel rooms, which are traditionally tiny. And of course we went from being in Venice with the wonderfully large hotel room to the tiniest hotel room ever in Paris.

That's a queen bed. The bathroom is behind that wall that's in the foreground.

And here's the other half of the room.


It was the most we paid for a hotel room, but not by a lot. Maybe 10 Euros?

We went out for one final meal, where I finally got some risotta (alas not very good risotto) and a "mixed grill" that inexplicably included half a hot dog. (Something we probably should have taken a photo of...)

I choked most of the meal down with a good helping of wine which gave me the liquid courage to go plunk down a lot of money for the ultimate keepsake - a really expensive pieve of Venetian glass.

Coincidentally the shipping weight on it was 10kg. That's approx. 22 lbs. And you know what? The shipping was less and faster than the shipping for my mask. Go figure. (And no, I'm not telling how much I paid for it. In Euros or CAD. Suffice to say that if it ever breaks I will get very, very drunk.)

Then we hopped on a water bus, grabbed the bus (one with wheels) to the airport in the middle of nowhere to take another Ryan Air flight to an airport in the middle of nowhere in France. When we tried to hop on the bus to Paris Lee stopped to let a nun go before him and then they tried to put him on a different bus than the one I had already boarded (just ahead of the nun). This did not go over so well with Lee. Or with me. In the end he got on my bus and we got the last two seats way at the very back. We got Paris, grabbed a cab to our hotel. We checked in only to disover the elevator? It wasn't just not working. It was not there because it was being replaced. We were on like the fifth floor. And had luggage. It was 1am. Fun!!!