January 29, 2008

I think that after having a quiet day on the 28th we felt like we should actually do things on the 29th. And on the 29th I went shopping. Aside from buying some books in Paris (and Lee's suitcase in Rome) we really hadn't bought much. Mostly post cards that we sent out to people along our travels. I was overdue.

While I didn't shop here I did think it was neat to see a Lush in Venice. I really wasn't expecting that.

We passed a lot of places like this.

I did buy one but I also shelled out the Euros for a handcrafted one that I didn't take a photo of and had it shipped back to Canada for me. I still don't have a picture of it but it's sitting on my mantle.  I also bought a Venetian pen and some ink. I don't have a picture of it either but if you got a Christmas card from me that had green ink then I used the pen for it. (I stopped using it after awhile. It was fun but slowwww.)

That evening we took the plunge and went for our gondola ride. Holy moly was it expensive (no, I am not telling you how much. If I did I'd have to cry.) For our money we got a "tour" of the canals that mostly involved listening to the gondola guy talk on his cell phone.

It's very hard to take a self portrait on a gondola at night. This was as good at it got.

Took some photos at the Rialto Bridge.

When we were at dinner (which was surprisingly decent...while mine was, Lee didn't like his), we were chatting with an older British couple who told us that they had read in the papers there was going to be a drag queen competition in Piazza San Marco. I was all over that.

So I put on my mask and we bought Lee one (which totally reminds me of an old school hockey mask and I can't quite explain why except that it looks like it could handle a slapshot - I don't think we'll test that though) and headed out.

There was a pretty good crowd.

And there were drag queens of course.

Fabulous Italian drag queens.

Italian drag queens have fabulous hats.

It was the first Carnaval drag queen competition and I can't think of anything more perfect for Carnaval. As fantastic as it was though, standing in crowds makes me tired and cranky so I have no idea who won.

We went back to the hotel and I took photos of the quite street at night. There were times during our stay where it was wall to wall people and you could hardly fit though. Not at night. At night it was quiet.

Which is good. I like quiet.