Anne's House of Dreams

I really needed this reread of Anne's House of Dreams by L.M. Montgomery I think. It hasn't been the loveliest of weeks. Frostbite will do that. I needed something homey and comforting and this fit the bill.

I always rather liked this novel in the Anne series. I wasn't fond of Anne of Windy felt too much like an afterthought. Like it wasn't planned like some of the others. But House of Dreams was sweet and dreamy and introduces some of my favourite characters.

I adore Captain Jim. I don't know how one cannot. He's just absolutely lovable. Sweet, thoughtful, a philosopher, but rough around the edges as is befitting a sailor that has seen much of the world. He's someone you'd want to know and you want to sit in his lighthouse, drink his tea and warm your feet by his fire.

It's also the introduction of Miss Cornelia. She's a cross between (the older more mellowed out) Marilla and Rachel Lynne with a bit of Aunt Jamesina for good measure.

And Susan, we only see snippets of her in this one but some of my favourite memories are from her in Rilla of Ingleside - like when she tries to kick the cat with both feet and lands on her arse.

Yep, Anne's House of Dreams was just what the doctor ordered. Too bad he didn't prescribe it - he was more concerned with practicalities like Advil and staying warm. And now I feel like reading the rest in the series so I think I'll go add Anne of Ingleside to my library request list.