What's For Dinner Wednesday ver. 2

Yeah, it's supposed to be version three or four by now. Oops.

What's for dinner is a darned good question. While we rocked it that first week with the meal plan  haven't done so swimmingly since then. We had some meals planned but not many. We fell of the menu plan wagon hard but we'll recover. We just need to sit down and apply ourselves again.

Interestingly, our food budget is too low. I suspected it was but figured I could be wrong. Sure, we *could* make it work but the thing is, we don't have to. We're not trying to cut down the cost of our meals as much as we are trying to figure out how much we spend on meals.

At least dinner is planned for tonight. Tonight we are having homemade carrot orange ginger soup with sourdough bread (um, if it rises, I'm not sure about my starter - if it doesn't work it'll be sourdough crackers I suppose), followed by pasta with a sauce of slow-roasted tomatoes. We're getting dumped on with snow today and our meal is warm and comforting while still tasting like summer. Best part is that I'm pulling everything (except the bread/crackers) from our freezer and pantry. I like it when I can shop from my own kitchen.