January 28, 2008

I honestly don't remember anything particular on this day. I know at this point I was getting tired of travelling and would have beaten someone with a stick in exchange for a truly good and satisfying meal. There comes a certain point where one (at least if one is like me) just wants a good solid home-cooked meal. Hell, I'd even have done the dishes and everyone who knows me can tell you I loathe dishes.

We went to the Guggenheim.

Some of the art was wonderful. Some of it was just plain odd. Lee...well, let's just say it didn't make him a modern art fan.

I thought it was kind of neat to be in a room with multiple Pollocks.

As tired as I was with many things I still found the canals enchating. (It probably helped that we were there when it was cold so they weren't too stinky).

People have interesting door knockers in Venice.This one was almost too clown-like but not quite.

We found more churches.

It was a quiet day really. We just wandered around and saw stuff. We needed a quiet day.