January 26, 2008

Vatican Museum day. That was all that we had on our agenda for the day. Unless it was the day that I made Lee buy a new suitcase. It might have been...

You see, Lee had a lovely suitcase. Except for the fact that it didn't turn so well and the handle broke on the way to Paris which made wheeling it almost totally impossible. We sort of improvised using one of the extra straps from mine but it didn't work so well. We talked about it for several days. The conversation went kind of like this:

Me: You are buying a new suitcase.
Lee: No, I am not. Mine is FINE.

Walking by a place that sells suitcases:
Me: Oh look! SUITCASES! Only x euros. You should buy one.
Lee: I am not. buying. a suitcase.

He bought a suitcase. And perhaps I should note that at this point we were not, nor had we discussed, living together. Now the conversation goes something like:
Me: Just buy the damn suitcase already because if you don't I'll point out every single suitcase for sale that we see. And probably some that aren't for sale.

But right, Vatican Museum. Where people line up outside to hock knockoffs to tourists. I'm sure the saints love it.

Inside the museum though, are many wondering things.

Like mummies. That weren't really blurry.

And baboons.

And funky faces.

And a big gold thing.

And really big awesome maps.

And stuff we were really not supposed to take photos of (oops - in my defense their "no camera" drawing looks A LOT like their "no flash camera" drawing).

And nowhere near the Museum we saw a cat that I made Lee take a photo of because I was really starting to miss Piper.