January 25, 2008

Today was Vatican Day. We had a lovely walk there along the river.

And crossed over at Ponte Sant'Angel.

Entered Vatican City.

Where the flag at the Canadian Embassy did not want to be photographed.

Lee posing at the Vatican where, yes, they still had a nativity on display. Many of the churches we saw in Europe did.

The thing about the Vatican is that you can't appreciate just how huge it is until you see it. And after even "large" churches seem small and insignificant.

We took a lot of pictures trying to capture domes in Europe.This one didn't turn out too bad.

Then it was time for lunch. But first another self-portrait.

We had picked another place from our guidebook for lunch. It was open, still serving (we did occasionally miss lunch because people had finished serving) and not too expensive. It was pretty good too. After lunch we headed back toward the Vatican only to get there and realize I'd forgotten my camera at the restaurant. Lee ran back and found it safe and sound.

It was time for him to go up the dome. After reading in our guidebook that a trip to the dome is really not recommended for people with vertigo I decided to opt out. I felt like an ass doing it. I wanted to see it. Yes I did. But I really didn't want to burst into tears again either. Sigh. So I sat while Lee went up.

There were narrow hallways.

And tight winding stairs.

But when he got to the top he was treated with a fantastic view.

I'm wayyy down there. I'm the blurry blob sitting on the edge of the second from the right column, surrounded by French teenagers on a school trip. Joy.

Lee found a Chinese tourist to take his photo.

When he got back down he told me that not going up was the best decision I had made the whole trip and that I would have hated it. I still felt horrible. A bit relieved perhaps, but horrible.

We had originally thought about going to the Vatican Museum that day as well but they stopped letting people in too early for us. So we slated it for the next day.

We stopped by the river to buy some ink sketches of Roman sites as a souvenir. We wandered down by the water and considered taking a boat tour (but didn't). It was a nice walk.

We slowly wandered back in the direction of the hotel. I, yet again. got lost on the way. We were pretty tired from the last few days of walking so rather than go out for dinner we stopped at the local supermarket and bought some bread, meat, and cheese for dinner. And more water. Always more water.