January 23, 2008

We got up obscenely early in the morning and took at cab to catch a bus to take us to an airport in the middle of nowhere so we could fly to Rome. Yes, our first experience with RyanAir. Where the bookbuying came to bite us as our luggage was overweight. Oh well, we just paid the darn charges.

It was after 2pm by the time we landed, caught a bus to Rome (because again, middle of nowhere), got dropped of at the central bus station, checked into our hotel and then were off to find food.

I do not recommend staying near the bus station. I hated it. I hated our hotel (it was cheap and clean but I disliked it). Someday we are going to go back to Rome and stay someplace better. ;-)

After we ate we wandered. We were surprised to find just how many things we saw just by walking around.

But first we headed to the Colosseum.

We got there near the end of the day but had plenty of time to explore and take photos.

And after I got home I had fun making some of them look older.

We stayed until they kicked us out. It was too early to go back to the hotel (we tried to spend at little time there as possible) so we did some more wandering.

We found this little church near Palatine Hill.

Which wasn't really a suprise because we were tripping over old churches constantly in Europe. But this one had a priest that was so old and each step he took moved him forward about an inch. He was quite adorable.

I was fascinated by the parts of the Forum they were still escavating. My inner archaeologist wanted to go play.

My inner archaeologist and historian generally had a blast in Rome. Ruins! Old stuff! All those things I had read about where right there!  It was all  kinds of awesome and I took pictures of every little thing the next day when we did the the Forum and Palatine Hill

I was not fond of crossing the street here.

We were trying to find our way to Trevi Fountain. This involved many wrong turns and map consultations. Lee became enamoured with Roman streets.

Eventually we found our way there thanks too...a McDonald's sign. Yes. Really. It pointed us in the right direction and told us how far we were from it. And yes we felt dirty about it...but since we didn't go to the McDonald's we mostly just laughed about it and shook our heads while commenting on how sad it was. (My rule was no McDonald's on the trip.)

So we threw our coins in the fountain and found some other tourists that didn't look like they'd steal our camera to take our photo.

We're starting to look less and less tired as the vacation progressed.

We ate dinner and froze our butts off while trying to find our hotel again. After getting lost once or twice (if it hadn't been for Lee would have gotten lost everytime, I had a mental block on the hotel) we found our way and crashed.

It was also in Rome that we found out about Heath Ledger's death. We were greatly confused. We kept seeing his name everywhere and couldn't figure out why. After staring at the tiny scrolling news on the tiny tv in our room we finally figured out what was going on. It was...surreal. We knew it had to be huge news back home but we were disconnected from all of that. It was very weird.