Address Unknown

I am trying to add a bit more adult novels to my reading diet. More often than not my library bookshelf is full of YA and I've been feeling a bit unbalanced lately. It's not that there's anything wrong with YA (I'd be the last to say that), but it's a bit too much lately. Kind of like how I love pasta but I don't want to eat it everyday either.

So when I saw Kathrine Kressemann Taylor's Address Unknown mentioned on somebody's blog lately I decided to add it to my library list. Now, I've tried to track down what blog it was I saw it on but my google-fu is failing me. If it was yours pipe up.

One of the blurbs on the back, by Kurt Vonnegut no less, said that this was the Uncle Tom's Cabin of WWII. Having read both the book and Kathrine Taylor's wikipedia entry I get the comparison.

The introduction to the book, well it's really a short story, is well worth reading. It talks about how the story came to be written, why it was written and the impact that it had. The story of the story is almost bigger than the story itself.

I've actually been trying to figure out if I've read this before. It seems like something I would have read during my degree since I studied WWII quite a bit...