Saying Good-bye to the 101 things

As a way of cleaning the slate and starting the New Year off on good ground, I'm saying goodbye to my 101 Thing in 1001 Days list.

To say that I'm not in the same place as I was when I wrote it is an understatement. Since starting the list, which is supposed to end in Sept 2009, I've lived in three cities. None of that was planned. I don't have the same job (not planned at that time). My life is very, very different than it was. Many of the items on the list just don't work with this life that I now live.

I thought that when I started the list that I would find it motivating. It was, and it wasn't. I really didn't make a big effort to do anything on the list, it was more that when things happened that were on the list I'd think, "Hey! That was on the list! Score!"

I did cross off things on the list that I never though I would. I put "Go to Paris" on it for a lark, never dreaming that I'd actually do it. I had very vague plans of spending my 30th birthday in Paris - a dream really. Well, I made it there at 28 and I'm not complaining. Too bad I hadn't also put "Go to Italy" on the list because I did that too.

There are things on the list that I'd still like to do. Maybe I'll start another list someday but for now I'm putting it to rest.

Bye-bye 101 things.