Jan 19, 2008

I'm revisiting my European vacation. I never really did write about it. It's just one of the many examples of my blogging suckitude.

And ok, it's not my flight. It's Lee's. We were flying to Paris from two very different destinations. Me from Canada, him from India. I didn't take any photos because I had a window seat and the French Canadian couple in the middle and aisle seat were so um, friendly. The man was nice enough to put my bag up for me after he gave me 20 seconds to grab stuff out of it.

It was my first international flight and I was very impressed that I got wine with my dinner. I was less impressed with the dinner itself. I was also very impressed with the individual televisions which meant that I really didn't need to interact with my rather unfriendly seatmates. Ditto the noise cancelling headphones.