I know many of you have already read Vicky Myron's memoir Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World.  I want to cuddle Dewey and I want my library to have a library cat. I'll have to settle for bookstores that have cats. I know a few of those.

I don't have much more say about it that any of you haven't already said.

Yes, that that picture on the cover is just awesome.

Yes, the story of how Dewey came to the library breaks my heart.

Yes, the book made me cry just like I knew it would.

No, my cat would *not* make a good library cat. Although she probably would enjoy having all those shelves of books to hide in and she does like books. She really would not enjoy story hour though. If you ever want to freak my cat out play audio of a child crying or screaming. She might come out from under the bed after an hour or two...if you bribe her with cheese.