Canadians Let's Chat

As you may or may not know once a week I blog about Canadian stuff at BlogHer. So every week I'm out there looking for Canadian blogs discussing Canadian issues so I can link to them. And every week I run into the same thing.

Canadians, we've got a problem.

Many of you seem to have an issue with copying and pasting. By issue I mean this - you copy and paste entire news articles. More often than not that is your entire blog post. Very rarely some of you add a sentence of commentary.

You need to stop it. Right now. A. It's illegal. B. If you haven't got enough to say about it to blog about it just comment on the darned article itself.

If you are looking to share information link to it with a description. If you want to say something about it then say something about it. Copying and pasting is NOT SAYING ANYTHING except that you are very good at violating copyright.

Just stop with the copy and pasting. It's wrong. It's stupid. And it's pissing me off.