This Charming Man

Marian Keyes and I have a complicated relationship. I loved the first few books of hers that I read and then I happened on one that I really thought would get better but didn't. The next few I read I thought were ok but not great. Her novels for me remind me of Forrest Gump's chocolate box - I never know what I'm going to get. I approached her latest release, This Charming Man, with some trepidation.

At first I thought I'd end up giving up on it. The story is written from multiple points of few, which when done well I find quite enjoyable. By which I mean if I like the characters I like it. The women all had distinct voices so I think that worked. Lola story is the first one we meet and she tells her story through diary entries, something I'd normally enjoy. You know how Bridget Jones had a certain voice? It's kind of clipped...that's what Lola's voice is. Only it felt more extreme. I wasn't particularly sold on the other characters either.

I almost gave up on it a third of the way in. I almost gave up on it half way in. I stuck with it. It wasn't great, and I don't know that I'd recommend it. If you've never read one of her books read Sushi for Beginners instead.

I think that Keyes is one of those authors that I have to keep reading whenever they put out a new book. She doesn't always get it right but when she does she really does. Unfortunately this just wasn't one of those times.