Untamed and a problem with Hunted in the House of Night Series

Untamed* is the fourth book in the PC Cast and Kristen Cast House of Night series. I'm very happy to say that I liked it. I'm even happier to stay that they quit with the bloody long recaps. There is very little recap in Untamed and it's worked in such a way that it doesn't detract from the action. And trust me, there is action. Zoey's friends have their panties in a bunch about the fact that she didn't tell them a bunch of stuff. And because she's become friends with Aphrodite (and something's up with her). And then there's the whole Stevie Ray thing. And Erik. And the fact that the high priestess isn't so wonderful. And now Zoey needs to save the world. Lucky her.

On top of the good action Zoey isn't being a floozy in this one (although there's still a boy issue thing going on - ho hum, how boring). She realizes that she was horribly used by some people in the last book. She also makes a new, and somewhat unlikely alliance (let's just say that religion is no longer getting a completely bad rep in this series).

I would very much looking forward to the next book in the series, Hunted, which comes out in March 2009 but there's a problem with Hunted. After releasing the first four books in the series directly to paperback the publisher has decided to switch to a hardcover release for the fifth book. There's a promo for Hunted at the end of Untamed and it looked a lot like a hardcover. Amazon confirmed it. If anyone from St Martin's Griffin press is out there I only have one thing to say - DO NOT WANT. Don't switch things up in the middle of a series - it only annoys readers. I will purposely not buy Hunted when it comes out if that's how you are going to play. I'll get it from the library. Or just not read it. If you had released every single one of these books in hardcover, I'd consider it. But coming out with the hardcover for the fifth book? It just makes you look like greedy buggers and to that I say bite me. I'll give my money to another book and if possible another publisher.

This qualifies as one of my R.I.P III challenge books. I'm now going to go back to The Woman in White. I'm I know it will not annoy like this whole hardcover stupidity.

*Untamed is not supposed to be released until September 23. For some reason my pre-order shipped early, which is just fine by me since it's quite possibly the last of the books in the series I will be buying.