Harvest has ended and summer has gone

Ok, not completely. Harvest is still happening and right now it only feels like summer has gone. It is apparently 16C outside and it does not feel like it. In fact, it feels almost cool enough to turn on the fireplace. Unfortunately it is not because it's very much a fireplacey kind of day. I'm absolutely tired from the events of the past few days and I am doing a whole lot of nothing today. As we were leaving the farmers' market this moring I turned to Lee and informed him that days like today where why restaurants served breakfast. So we went out for breakfast. I have a pile of tomatillos waiting to be be made into salsa verde but that's not happenign today. Bread needs to be made for the week and that isn't being done today either. (Somehow we became a "make your own bread household" and I'm not sure how that happened or if I'm impressed with myself of not because of it...) It's the first day of football which means Lee is off with the boys to watch a game (something that I've been informed will *not* happen here, thank goodness).

And me? I'm sitting on the couch, curled up under and blanket with an individual-sized pot of rooibos caramel steeping. It is not cold enough for the fireplace but it is sufficiently chilly for tea-making.

I ought to be reading The Woman in White but I'm the kind of tired that does not make for successful first-reading of books. No, I need something worn in and comfortable. I need an old friend. After watching a whole 15 minutes of Canadian election coverage (oh yeah, while I was out buying veggies and eating breakfast an election was called in Canada, yay us...NOT) I was flipping around the channels and came across Anne of Green Gables on PBS. They were only showing part of the mini-series today so I didn't want to be become too entrenched in it. It seemed like today was a very Anne type of day so I pulled my battered old hardcovered Ryerson Press copy of Anne of the Island off my shelf. I'm visiting my old friend as she discovers -olgies and -isms and a bit about love and life. I got pulled in with the first line which is the same as the title of this post.

It's an Anneish rooibos day here. And I'm happy that I have nothing to do but enjoy it.