Why I won't be reading much this weekend

Because I'm busy. Today is a go! Go! GO! kind of day. I have a bunch of work that I have to get done and have to have it done soon because we have to leave here in about two hours. Why? Because my boyfriend's brother i is getting married and the rehearsal is at 5, in another town, about an hour away.

And then tomorrow we apparently have to be on the road by about 9:30am even though the wedding is not until 2. What are we supposed to do before the wedding? I have no idea but I'm fairly certain it does not involve me sitting on my ass reading books (alas). Then there's the photos, the dinner, the dance and then the ride home.

Which means reading is not looking likely for me until Sunday. I'm very annoyed about this because I'm liking The Woman in White. A lot. And I want to read it. HMPH! I think my new purse (which sort of matched my new dress which kind of doesn't fit as well as it did a month ago because apparently I dropped a wee bit of weight) is big enough for me to smuggle in a book. I'll have time between the ceremony or dinner or something right? Right????

So what are you reading this weekend? I need to live vicariously through you all.

Oh and if anyone has reviewed American Wife can you stick a link to your review in the comments.