I need to read this book

Safe Passage by Ida Cook - I need it.

I'm behind in my blog reading because I stepped away from the internet as much as possible this weekend. Can you say "political overload"? Between the Canadian election coverage and the American election coverage I've had enough politicking to last me a few years. So I spend most of the last four days offline watching tv and a movies and making progress on a knitted blanket that I have vain hopes of finishing in time for Christmas (along with three pairs of socks...I dream big people). This is a very longwinded way of saying that I've just read this post at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books that mentions Safe Passage.

Originally published in 1950 it is the true story of how romance novelist Ida Cook and her sister Louise Cook rescued dozens of Jews from persucution and death at the hands of the Nazis. It's being re-released by Harlequin in North America (in paperback) and Mills and Boon in the UK. It's already been released by Mills & Book, in hardcover and I'm verrrry tempted to order it from The Book Depository. Oopsie, I seem to have placed an order (this book, 1939 and The Last Curtsey - I think I'm going to blame Danielle since she was the one that introduced me to The Book Depository and I do love British editions).

Right so Safe Passage, this is from the except of the book the Amazon.ca page.
"To write your recollections or memoirs is to make a claim that, in your estimation at any rate, you have lived some interesting years. It is difficult not to associate a degree of egotism with this claim. But I am hoping a thin line draws a decent distinction between thinking myself an interesting person and being interested in what has happened to me. I am tremendously interested in what has happened to me— and incidentally my sister Louise, whose story this is, as much as my own. That is my sole excuse for supposing that a book about us should fascinate anyone but ourselves."

I can't wait until it comes. Of course, I have to find time to read it. I really should not be buying any books. Nor should I be getting more from the library but I can't seem to help myself.  If I ever finish the A-Z challenge I'll need to do a From the Stacks one (or ten...).

Don't forget, it's Banned Books Week. Push the button. Read a banned book.