Why I didn't read today

Nary a word was read in a book today. I did get a good chunk of Service Included read yesterday. I've been too distracted by food. Specifically by my farmer's market haul. Every week our farmer's market had a draw for a market basket. They give out two or three each week. We've faithfully entered every week we've gone. Last Sunday I joked as I was filling my form out that I didn't have many weeks left to win.

And then I won. I had no idea what would be inside it but I was told to bring two or three bags with me. This is what we won.

If you can believe we bought a few other things - some more leeks, a bag of potatoes and an eye of round bison roast. Then we realized that we had way too much food for two people so we invited the boy's parents over for roast beast (I feel like by eating bison I can legitimately say that), mashed potatoes, gravy, multi-coloured carrots, bannock, cucumbers and sauce, and my mom's homemade pickles. For dessert we had cake that we made earlier in the week and the ice-cream in the photo (Honey Raspberry Duo).

I love the farmer's market.

I'm too full to move.