Not a very bookish Saturday

I was going to say it's a lazy Saturday but I'm pretty lazy most days. Unfortunately I'm not seeing a lot of reading time in my future for today. I'm going through the archives of this blog and fixing old entries - fixing links, removing technorati tags (they are annoying me), turning comments back on for old posts (originally closed because they were getting spammed to death), and some general editing.

I need to write my BlogHer post. I have a topic lined up with some links but still more links to find.Optional (read that as "unlikely") is cleaning out the pantry because we can't find anything in it.

Then I think we've decided we're going to head across the river to Wakefield, Quebec to see Melissa Ferrick. She just released a new album and she's done a cover of Bush's Glycerine (if you click on the Melissa Ferrick link above it will take you someplace where you can listen to it). I *must* see her play it live and pick up her new album. It's only available on tour stops and on iTunes.

So that does not leave much time for reading, which sucks because I have some good books on my library shelf.

So if you were me, and you found you had a few free minutes today which would you start reading?