Princess Mia

I can't tell you how many times I've almost given up on Meg Cabot's Princess Diaries. But I could never bring myself to because Mia is pretty likable. A bit dense by times, but likable.

And finally here is a Princess Diaries book that I actually really liked - Princess Mia. Leave it to Cabot to save up all this likability for the second to last book in the series. HMPH!!!

This books starts up right after the last book ends - with Michael on his way to Japan, Mia at home and brokenhearted and really regretting that she broke up with him and is determined to get back together with him. While she's waiting she heads off to Beauty and the Beast with JP.

Michael does call her...but it's not what she wants to hear. He did a lot of thinking on the plane and basically he thinks it's best that they just be friends. Mia agrees with him on the phone, although in her head she's screaming "NOOOOO!" Then she hides in her bed for a week. Then her parents send her therapy. Yes, seriously after being in bed for a week her parents send her to therapy.

Now if you are like me you are sitting here wondering why the hell they didn't do so years earlier.

Oh, and Lilly isn't speaking to her. Lilly is being very Lilly-like which is to say she's being mean. Only Mia seems to be seeing it...maybe. Sort of. Meanwhile she's discovering that someone else that she thought was mean is maybe not so mean.

And she grows an inch taller. And her boobs get bigger.

What I liked: Mia (whom I have not liked the last few books), Mia seeing that Lilly isn't a nice person, Mia's therapist, Mia having the backbone that she should have developed at least 3 books earlier, Lana (yes I said Lana), Tina, Mia actually showing signs of growing up.

What I didn't like: Does she really *need* have to a love interest? Seriously? Ho-hum. So boring. It would be far more interesting if she didn't have one. One does not need have a guy around in order to get over another guy.

Now I'm kind of sad that there's only one book left in the series.