It's going to be a long fall

A very long fall.

In case you haven't heard (um, that would be most of you that are American and don't follow me on Twitter) there's going to be a federal election in Canada this fall. We're probably heading to the polls on October 14 despite the fact that it's a Jewish holiday and hello? Are there no damn days in October that are not religious holidays that you could hold it on? (No, I'm not Jewish but it annoys me all the same.) Also, it would mean we'd be going to the election the day after Thanksgiving, something that I'd most certainly not be thankful for unless all the politicians walked around on thanksgiving with turkeys on their heads ala Mr Bean (because that would just be awesome). I won't be in Canada in the days leading up to the election because I'm going to BlogHer Reach Out tour stop in Boston and can hide from election news (of the Canadian type at least, sigh).

Of course, its just "probably" on the 14th at the moment. You see, the election hasn't been called yet. But we've know for close to two weeks now that there would probably be one, and for a week that there *will* be one. Yes, the government can pretty much call an election any time they want to, which is something that I both love and loathe.

Here's the thing - I hate politics. I dislike politicians. And I really dislike the political parties.

What all this means is that everytime that something about the looming election comes on - be it the news or a political ad - I yell at the television. Sometimes I yell at MacLappy when I see things on the internet. This means there's a lot of yelling.

Someone might want to send Lee some earplugs. Or permanently disconnect our television. Block all political stuff from MacLappy. And send me some wine. And cake.

It's going to be a long fall.