Girls in Trucks

I was meeting a friend for coffee, conveniently at a coffee place attached to a bookstore, this past spring and I saw Katie Crouch's Girls in Trucks. I fell in love with the cover. I love it.

Unfortunately I did not like the content nearly as much. I hate it when that happens. It's one of those stories of a good girl (Sarah) gone kinda bad with sex, drugs and booze. Bad decision after bad decision. In other words, I'd pretty much read the story before. Sarah was not a sympathetic main character (she had her moments, but they were fleeting). The supporting cast moved in and out. I got the impression that we were supposed to be shocked by the thing with her mother at the end but really, if there was supposed to be a build up to that it was pretty anticlimactic.

While I didn't like it, some of you would absolutely hate it. It switches narration - sometimes first person sometimes third. I could see some of you pulling out your hair.

After I finished it I checked out what other's had to say about it's a mixed bag out there. Those that liked it really liked but those that didn't like it didn't hate it. I think that maybe if I hadn't read other better books that covered a similiar theme I might have liked this one better. Instead I got a feeling of been there, read that. It's a meh for me.

It's got a great cover though.